Marcella Steingart CV







Director                                                                     2014

GAP One Stitch Closer -  Series of short films – each spotlights an extraordinary woman whose 

work not only improves her life, but also empowers and inspires women throughout the world.

  • Directed 2 short films

        Francesca Kennedy - Guatemala  (not yet released)

        Bernice Deepah - Ghana  (not yet released)


Director/Writer                                                                2014

The System with Joe Berlinger - 8-part original documentary series airing on Al Jazeera America 

explores some the most pressing and controversial issues within the criminal justice system.   By examining  

these issues through the lens of individual criminal cases, the series not only captures the drama of the 

key players but speaks to the larger implications for the system and society itself.

  • Directed 2 one hour episodes:  

    Mandatory Sentencing    (trailer)

        Parole:  High Risk, High Stakes   (trailer)


Writer/Producer                                                                2013

Wrong Man Pitch - Trailer and treatment created to pitch Wrong Man, an original documentary 

series to STARZ network.

Wrong Man, an original documentary series conceived by Academy Award Nominee and Emmy Winner, 

Joe Berliner, assembles an elite team of criminal justice experts to reinvestigate some of the most 

controversial cases of wrongful conviction.


  • Found, interviewed, and cast criminal, legal, and forensic experts including top-tier FBI profilers, forensic scientists, 

    criminal investigators and wrongful conviction lawyers

  • Produced all aspects of three-day multi camera video shoot including: selecting equipment, hiring and 

    managing crew, directing talent and camera, interviewing talent, creating and overseeing budget

  • Implemented initial story structure for trailer
  • Oversaw all aspects of the edit including content, structure, music, graphics, and copy
  • Oversaw color correct and mix of final eight minute piece
  • Wrote four page treatment used to pitch series to Network


Director/Supervising Producer                                                        2013

Series Producer                                                               2012-13

THNKR - An original Google funded YouTube Channel offers unprecedented access to the 

people, stories, and ideas transforming today’s word.


  • Oversaw all creative, financial, legal, and strategic decisions for the channel
  • Managed a 20 member team who, under my leadership, produced over 350 videos and 30 hours of 
  • content within the channel cycle
  • Individually directed over 20 episodes of various THNKR series
  • Personally conducted over 50 interviews with notable figures like Tony Kushner, Donna Karen, 
  • Sir Ronald Cohen, Krista Tippett, Hill Harper, Majora Carter, Aimee Mullins, and many others.
  • THNKR - recipient of a Webby nomination
  • Prodigies (THNKR series) - recipient of the International Academy of Web Television for best 

    documentary series


Producer                                                                    2012

Daily Beast’s Women in the World Summit - Global Summit held at Lincoln Center, 

highlights the challenges and triumphs of women around the world.  Some of the attendees included 

Secretary of State Hillary ClintonMeryl StreepLeymah Gbowee, Anjelina Jolie, and Madeleine Albright.

Produced four panels:

  • Where are the Women at the Top? featuring Jill Abramson, Gloria Steinem, Anne Kornblut, Shelby Knox,

 and Cheryl Mills; moderated by Sheryl Sandberg

  • Security is Women’s Work! featuring Secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, 

Chief of Police, Cathy Lanier, President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, and Honorable Jane Harman; moderated 

by Sir Harold Evans

  • Views from the Crisis Zone:  An Interview With Tzipi Livini featuring author, Simon Schama and 

Israel Opposition Leader, Tzipi Livni

  • Making Justice Real in the World featuring CA Attorney General, Kamala Harris and Ford Foundation VP, 

            Maya Harris; moderated by Cynthia McFadden


Senior Story Producer                                                                          2011

Oprah Presents Master Class  - Acclaimed television series features intimate first-person 

portraits of “modern masters” handpicked by Oprah for their unique impact on the world.


  • Conducted and supervised all research on “masters” including pre-interview conference calls
  • Wrote questions and treatments for interviews
  • Collaborated with director during interviews
  • Supervised and collaborated on all phases of the edit from rough cut to final delivery
  • Worked with graphics, music, and archival departments to choose and/or create all elements
  • Oversaw all additional deliverables including trailers, promotions, press clips and webisodes


Co-Producer/Senior Story Producer                                                    2010-11     What is Watson? Cannes Gold Lion award winning series of web films tells the story of IBM’s creation 

of Watson, a super computer built to compete on the iconic game show, Jeopardy!


  • Developed and created premise, content, and style of films in collaboration with director
  • Wrote all treatments, story outlines, and scripts
  • Acted as Ogilvy liaison on all creative aspects 
  • Conducted interviews with documentary subjects
  • Oversaw all schedules and shoots 
  • Oversaw all edits
  • Directed B unit shoots and B-roll photography 
  • Selected crew 
  • Chose and oversaw graphic, archival and music elements 
  • Oversaw all deliverables to client
  • Created a feature length documentary from footage 


Writer/ Director/Producer                                                        2009

Banded Together - Web series created for the Sears Back to School campaign, hosted by 

actress and recording star, Selena Gomez 


  • Developed premise of series 
  • Wrote script and subsequent rewrites under tight deadline     
  • Oversaw all aspects of wardrobe, locations, props and set design for entire series     
  • Directed each episode including performances, content, and camera     
  • Directed all interviews and coverage for behind the scenes web content


Story Producer                                                                              2008

Vaseline Clinical Therapy Campaign - Multi-platform advertising campaign comprised of 

print, global television commercials, and over 35 web films set in Kodiak, Alaska. 


  • Cast commercials and web films on location in Kodiak, Alaska
  • Conceived all shooting scenarios for documentary subjects
  • Directed B unit crew including all interviews, verite and B-roll photography
  • Wrote copy for web films
  • Consulted on the editing of the commercial spots
  • Oversaw the editing of all web films through online post production
  • Liaisoned with agency to ensure deliverables 
  • Hired and oversaw research interns


Professor                                                                      2007-09

NYU Tisch School of the Arts — Department of Film & Television

Created and implemented curriculum for the following lecture and workshop 

undergraduate writing classes:

  • Developing the Screenplay 
  • Storytelling Strategies 
  • Dramatic and Visual Writing


Screenwriter                                                                                  2008

Larvae - Feature length screenplay about Stella and Scarlet, two brilliant co-dependent 

teenage girls obsessed with sex and science.

  • Recipient of the $100,000 SLOAN Production Award
  • Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Finalist of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences    








Writer/Director/Producer                                                                     2007

History Detectives (Thresher Episode) - Popular PBS TV series devoted to exploring the 

complexities surrounding historical objects. 

  • Conceived and wrote script 
  • Researched, selected, and interviewed high profile subjects, including nuclear scientists,                       

naval admirals, surviving family, and freedom of information advocates

  • Selected and secured locations including a retired nuclear submarine
  • Directed the filming of the episode – the performances, content, and look of the piece
  • Oversaw the editing of episode, including selection of archival materials    


Episode Producer/Series Associate Producer                                                                   2005-06

Iconoclasts - Acclaimed Sundance Channel documentary series, pairs two visionaries 

from different fields and features their intimate, unexpected exchanges.


  • Conceived series tagline for first season and with a select creative team, conceived the 

format, content, and direction of initial series         

  • Selected and secured A-list talent commensurate with the series’ objective
  • Researched, wrote pitches, scripts, and treatments
  • Selected and secured locations, produced interviews, hired crew, oversaw filming
  • Negotiated talent contracts with legal
  • Selected all archival material for episode and oversaw its licensing
  • Oversaw post-production of episodes, including editing, graphics, and music to creative and 

technical specifications    


Producer                                                                                      2005

Especially for Daughters - Narrative audio series sponsored by the National Institute 

of Health created to prevent underage drinking.

  • Selected and secured talent, Golden Globe Award winner Angela Basset
  • Negotiated talent contract with agent
  • Reviewed and edited scripts 
  • Auditioned ancillary talent and oversaw recording of performances 


Associate Producer/Production Manager                                                  2003-04

Beauty Academy of Kabul - Theatrically released, critically acclaimed feature documentary 

chronicles the first post-Taliban beauty school helmed by western stylists and hairdressers.


  • Oversaw entire Kabul on-location production budget in difficult environment
  • Secured and selected all on-location accommodations, shooting locations, equipment, 

transportation, staff, visas and permits 

  • Negotiated and wrote legal contracts regarding the film rights 
  • Selected and secured archival footage
  • Filmed interviews
  • Consulted on edit


Associate Producer/Field Producer                                                       2001-02

Parking Lot - Television documentary series delves into the sub-culture of various 

fanatical groups.

  • Conceived, researched and pitched episode ideas
  • Secured and selected locations
  • Found subjects and conducted all interviews



META                                                                                2000

Narrative short film about the day in the life of a 13-year old girl.

  • Wrote award-winning screenplay
  • Independently raised over $30,000 in production capital through fundraising and grants
  • Auditioned, selected, and directed actors
  • Selected and hired entire crew
  • Directed and oversaw production both creative and logistical 
  • Oversaw post-production, including editing, graphics and music
  • Created and generated PR materials for screenings, film festivals, and guest appearances
  • Won the 2000 NYU Award for best director, best cinematography, best ensemble cast, and received 

nomination for the Director’s Guild of America’s award  for best female student director 

  • Film appeared in over 40 film festivals







NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Tisch School Of The Arts                                                        

Master of Fine Arts

  • Ang Lee Scholarship
  • Dennis Reise Post-Production Grant
  • Wasserman Award for Directing


COLGATE UNIVERSITY                                                                                             

Bachelor of Arts

  • Graduated with high honors majoring in Philosophy/Religion and Asian Studies